The new GTA Online Ocelot Locust doesn’t give a fig about safety

GTA Online

If it’s Friday, it’s time for the latest news about GTA Online. In this week’s edition, fans will learn about the awesomeness that is the Ocelot Locust sports car. Now available at Legendary Motorsport, the Locust is a throwback to the 60s, a time when there was “no interest in personal safety”. In fact, “this is what you get after decades of track testing: No roof, no windscreen, no windows, and no compromise”. If that sounds like the vehicle to get your adrenaline pumping, race into the game to grab yours today!

For those who might not have enough GTA$ for the Locust, there is a consolation prize: Everyone who logs from today through September 4th will take home a free, and very cool, Ocelot t-shirt!

As usual, there are a number of in-game events that will net some serious cash. These include:

  • Gunrunning Sell Missions for double GTA$ through September 4th;
  • Gunrunning Research will finish 2x faster through the 4th;
  • Special Cargo Sales and Smuggler’s Cargo Sales yield 2X GTA$;
  • Bunker Series earns drivers double GTA$ and RP;
  • take home the Sessanta Nove Monogram and Sessanta Nove Multi-color Liveries for the HVY Barrage, HVY APC, and the Pegassi Oppressor for FREE;
  • spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance at the Cheval Taipan vehicle;
  • take advantage of a number of discounts on premium offerings

Check out all of the details on the GTA Online official site.

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