These Venom Switch Lite Accessories Get A Grip In Our Review

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As the smaller sibling of Nintendo’s mobile hybrid, The Nintendo Switch Lite is guaranteed to come with you on the go. After all, that’s what it was built for. With the world at its feet, this diminutive piece of hardware is as likely to end up under your heel as on your tabletop. UK peripheral manufacturer Venom has just the solution for those dangerous desk edges.

To that end, Venom has already dropped a bunch of new gear to keep your brand new investment in pristine condition. Today I got to wrap my Switch Lite around three new protective add ons. The Switch Lite Screen Protector Kit, the Gaming Essentials Kit, and the Pro Gamer Case are all available now. These three boxes cover a variety of needs, from simply ensuring that your flawless new friend doesn’t crack its screen to an all-round barrier that should keep the Switch Lite safe from anything the daily commute can throw at it.

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Screen Protector Kit

Coming in at around £7, the Screen Protector Kit provides the most basic level of protection that anybody with a mobile device would invest in these days. Stuffed away in this box are two (9h tempered glass covers. Each of the two screen protectors mirror the dimensions of the Nintendo Switch Lite screen perfectly. Like any screen protector, these don’t need to come with a set of instructions. The process of adding this first line of protection to the Nintendo Switch Lite is a straightforward peel and place action. The tampered glass addition doesn’t just manage to slide on without causing any frustration. It is also unobtrusive, forming a thin and light layer that doesn’t obstruct the Switch’s touchscreen action.

As an added bonus, the Screen Protector Kit comes bundled with a set of screen wipes and a cleaning cloth. They are not essential items when considering this should be a day one investment, but it’s a nice thought that anybody adding this to a Switch Lite can buff up their screen before slipping on a protective seal.

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Pro Gamer Case

While kits like the Screen Protector Kit should be considered a day one investment, the Pro Gamer Case is something that takes a more all-round approach to protection. This shell case is similar in concept to the Snakebyte Tough Case but makes for a more pocket-friendly profile. While the Switch Lite still struggles to make it into plenty of trousers, the Pro Gamer Case kit certainly doesn’t exacerbate the issue. The flexible gel style construction of the all-round cover makes it a solid compromise between protection and portability that doesn’t make my trade over to the newer mobile console feel like a wasted effort.

Beyond being slim, the case is obviously light and drops in at just more than the weight of a candy bar. It houses space on the back for four physical cartridges and even houses a cover for these games that doubles as a kickstand, which turns out is more useful than it sounds. I might have made the choice to unceremoniously lop off the functionality that a full-size switch provides but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a fully functioning pair of Joycons ready to whip out at the drop of a Takio no Tatsujin.

Playing my way through My Friend Pedro with this installation attached, I really have little to complain about. The outer case leaves easy access to the Switch Lite’s buttons and provides a decent grip without feeling cold and utilitarian. The transparent plastic might be a tad shiny but doesn’t obviously detract from the subtle gray or bright yellow that decorates the newest console. A 9H tempered glass screen protector is also squirreled away inside the packaging, so you don’t need to shell out on the earlier screen protector for all-round coverage.

Gaming Essentials Kit

The Gaming Essentials Kit provides a final line of defense for Switch Lite owners who, like me, can’t make exclusive space to carry their Switch. Just throwing the mobile gaming device into a carryall unprotected is a sure-fire way to quickly damage the plastics. The Gaming Essentials kit includes a carry case and even throws in a few added extras. The included carry case comes with a solid EVA construction rather than the fabric overlay that makes up many other Switch cases. The result is a lightweight, water-resistant case that will serve you well in most situations. The aesthetic of this case is as understated as the Pro Gamer Case and the black aesthetic is only interrupted by a Venom logo on the bottom corner. Suffice to say it doesn’t immediately scream “steal me”.

As well as keeping your Switch Lite in one piece, the Gaming Essentials provides another 9H tempered glass screen, a decent set of analog stick covers, and a very middling set of earbuds. While the thumbstick covers provide a good quality silicon grip, Venom really would have been better just doing away with the stereo earbuds that are akin to something Poundland would barely be proud of. Despite that unexpected disappointment, the Gaming Essentials Pack still does exactly what it needs to, giving ample protection and plenty of room for accessories.

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Rather than score these kits, I’m going to point out the peripheral that got my complete buy-in. I am one particularly cruel practitioner when it comes to testing mobile hardware, dismantling headphones and wearing down even the sturdiest of all terrain protection. Despite some exacting standards, the Pro Gamer Case has managed to keep a grip on my Switch Lite. While I won’t be dispatching my Nintendo Switch Lite from a moving train, the transparent protection held firm and went largely unnoticed. Over the last week, I was able to go about my business, throwing my Switch Lite into my bag secure in the knowledge that it would come out the other side unscathed. In the end, the Venom Pro Gamer Case is much better described as an essential budget buy and one that I am keeping clamped around my new travel companion. At £10 or local equivalent, gamers can pick up the Venom Pro Gamer Case at major retailers now. Alternatively, head over to the Venom website for more information on the full line up of Switch Lite accessories.

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