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Horizon Forbidden West - PS4 Review

The previous installment, Horizon Zero Dawn, was a smash hit on the PlayStation 4; thus, a sequel seemed inevitable. After a span of five years and the passing of one generation of gaming consoles, we now have Horizon: Forbidden West. It improves on the previous game with a larger open world and better climbing (and falling) mechanisms.

Forbidden West maintains its open-world, spear, and bow-wielding premise but adds more variation to keep the game more interesting. Horizon: Forbidden West is a worthy successor to the previous installment. This sees to take the Editors’ Choice award among other videogames (PC, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.) and just like CasinoChan conquer the hearts of millions of avid gamers.


The story picks up a few months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, as Aloy, the game’s lone huntress, returns. After the events of the last game, HADES is no longer a danger to the whole globe, but Aloy still has many issues to address. There has been an upsurge in environmental crises and furious robot attacks on the land, which is afflicted by a peculiar red rot.

Aloy embarks on an extensive hunt for an answer with no previous knowledge of the area.  Horizon Zero Dawn’s third-person perspective is retained, and the gameplay is nearly the same.

Holding the L2 trigger aims your equipped ranged weapon while performing light and heavy spear strikes. By using the square button, you will be able to crouch and hide in the thick grass. Also, by clicking the circle button, you will be able to conduct a battle roll with a large invincibility window.

Pressing and holding the right analog stick puts you in scanning mode. This allows you to tag threats and detect interactive objects.

In addition to her machine-controlled spear, Aloy may use a number of bows and other ranged weapons. This includes bomb slingshots and javelin launchers to defend herself in the face of enemy attacks. The slow pulls of sharp-shot bows and the tripwire tethers of tripcasters are two examples of how each weapon type feels to wield.

Horizon Forbidden West’s elemental ammo, unlike that of Horizon Zero Dawn, is not dependent entirely on a specific weapon’s tier. Additionally, in the game’s loot system, a rare weapon may have different alternatives than a common one. However, you may always be prepared by having up to six weapons equipped at the same time.

Due to the lethality of several machines up close, you’ll often have to switch between ranged and melee weaponry. As you fight, you’ll have to deal with ammo shortages and make quick shots when your quiver is empty. You may create arrow bundles by picking the weapon and holding down the X button on the weapon wheel.

The materials you carry will miraculously transform into fresh shots in a matter of seconds. The weapon wheel slows time during combat, so you’ll frequently reload just as a robot is about to strike. Even in the heat of action, you may quickly restore your health with the use of a medical bag.

Horizon Forbidden West Announces Play and Plant Program

Directional Movement (Up and Down)

In addition to her guns and traps, Aloy receives a few new toys to play with, including the pullcaster and glider. When equipped with the pullcaster, Aloy can use it as a grappling hook to pull items that are far away from her. Due to Aloy’s increased usage of vertical movement in this game compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, these two items are essential.

Assasin’s Creed-style mobility allows Aloy to scale practically anything. She can climb any rock or wall that has handholds. Climbable surfaces are marked with yellow lines and points if they can be reached by pressing the right analog stick.

Bigger Open World

The Forbidden West spans a wide range of landscapes and has several sites of interest.  Each town has its own distinctive layout as well as its own unique architecture. There are lots of places to explore and things to do.

Ruins, machine gathering sites, and enemy camps abound throughout the game environment. Even if most of the map areas are hunting, the terrain is diverse enough to give each spot a distinct atmosphere.

Challenging sidequests may be found in several of the game’s most elaborate areas. A dungeon-like environment, riddles, and mysteries are common themes in this game. With the exception of the Cauldrons, which allow you to control more machines, they all seem different.

It’s only natural that the most important quests feature the most visually stunning set pieces. Each important stage in the game’s plot has its own settings and activities. Generally, it requires tough measures to combat a gigantic machine or an enemy.

Every significant quest will push you to the limit of your current exploration and challenge you to go even beyond. This serves as a little reward when you’ve spent an hour or two doing an essential assignment.

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