Alchemic Cutie Brings Slime of Life Sim to Switch and PS4

Alchemic Cutie - character stands in a green field

Alchemic Cutie, the gloopy new sim from PM Studios, is out now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Get ready to raise some slimy results in a new farm focused RPG life farm sim from Neowiz. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platform owners can now jump into Alchemic Cutie. The adorable adventure is available from PlayStation and Nintendo digital storefronts for $19.99 or local equivalent and invites player to start a new life on the colorful Wimba island. Once you come ashore, you’ll be able to start a jelly farm, find new friends, and explore everything that this world has to offer.

While you explore the untamed island by day, there’s an opportunity to tame the wild jellies that crawl across the land. With a few of these unusual animals at hand, there’s an opportunity to start a farm, where you can tame, raise, and breed a bunch of new jellies that will accompany you on your adventures. Each of these come with their own unique stats and traits giving them personalities. And useful options when heading out into the wild. With over 4,000 visual styles, you’ll have tons of possibilities for accessorizing and styling your jellies. Between grinding out ever more powerful balls of slime, adventurers will also be able to befriend the locals. With a range of friendships to build, quests to complete, and seasonal activities to take part in this looks like to meld the magic of Harvest Moon with slimes.

While Alchemic Cutie is already available on PC via Steam, console players can start their journey via the official website now.

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