Thriving City: Song Offers a Peek Into Ancient China

Thriving City Song Now in Early Access

White Star Studio and IndieArk have announced that their historical city-building sim, Thriving City: Song, is now available for PC via Steam early access. Players take on the role of a city mayor tasked with helping build a thriving city. Players can explore ancient China during the Zhao Song Dynasty as the city grows. It is up to the mayor to help townsfolk, manage the town, keep residents happy, and experience the rise and fall of the Empire firsthand through Story Mode.

During early access, players gain access to up to 60 hours of game content, including main concepts, three levels of War Mode, Story Mode, Endless Mode, and other additional content. Developers have plans to add more content to the game, including four more War Mode levels, more game systems, and the addition of the Workshop.

Game Features

  • Experience the History of the Song Dynasty: Learn more about the Song Dynasty by interacting with the game’s detailed world through reference museums and historical records.
  • Intricate Buildings and Characters: Build beautiful historic-looking buildings, including markets, Buddhist and Taoist temples, homes, and more.
  • Control Your Resources: Manage agriculture, industry, commerce, science, technology, civil affairs, politics, and more to create a thriving town.
  • Keep Townsfolk Happy: Use the game’s Happiness System to monitor your townspeople and keep everyone positive during difficult times.
  • Prepare for Disasters: Use resources to prepare for many different types of disasters, including plague, invasion, devastating storms, and more.
  • Beautiful Art Style: Enjoy the game’s colorful and historical-inspired landscapes, buildings, townspeople, and more with the game’s unique art style.

Learn more about Thriving City: Song by visiting its Steam page.

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