Haxor Update Makes Me Miss My C64 Even More


Haxor is something special for those of us old enough to remember the days when cassette tapes were king, Now it is back with even better nostalgia.

Developed by Climou, a two-man indie team, Haxor is an ode to the days when I had to wait 15 minutes to load a game and a cheat code was, well code! The retro-inspired graphics that blister across the screen as players weave their way across this side on platformer are a total throwback in the best way possible. Making use of =modern systems, the small team and publisher Fat Dog Games look like they’ve really captured the essence of a great old school experience. Players who jump into Haxor will need to Guide Kla, the last survivor from Haxor planet, through the world full of vicious creatures, deadly traps, and giant bosses

Despite my nostalgic ramblings, Haxor clearly had room for improvement and Climou has produced a long list of these as the game builds on its positive launch with the following fixes.

  • Typos typed out
  • Life now restores at the start of every level
  • Invisibility power-up now freezes enemies too
  • Adjusted Fulgur Dragon Boss
  • Fulgur Hyrda Boss now fixed
  • Egss can ow be destroyed
  • Enemy HP adjusted all round
  • Save reset screen fixes n place

With these new changes, Fat Dog games have announced a special discount for Haxor. Between now and 10 June, Haxor is available on Steam for PC at a 40% discount. If you are too young to know how to blow on a cartridge slot or have wiggled a serial I/O lead then you can check out more of our retro-styled game coverage here.

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