Tiny Hands Adventure Review – Small Hands, Big Adventure

Let’s pretend that we’re all T-Rexes. Immediately the first thing that comes to mind as one of your biggest challenges would be your inability to do normal everyday things with your stubby little hands, right?  In Tiny Hands Adventure by Blue Sunset Games that is generally your main concern as you play as Borti, a young Tyrannosaurus from Dinoburg.  With the aid of a humanoid fairy named Florella, will Borti have what it takes to achieve his greatest desire?  More importantly, does Tiny Hands Adventure have what it takes to keep your regular human hands busy for hours on end?  Partake in our Tiny Hands Adventure Review to find out.

Borti is a forward-thinking Tyrannosaur. Some of his favorite things are wearing hats and playing soccer but unfortunately for him, Borti finds that he’s not performing adequately enough when he plays Goal Tender due to his tiny arms.  To remedy this, Borti beseeches the aid of Florella, a fairy of some sort, who promises to aid him as long as he defeats the temple guardians.  To reach each temple guardian, Borti must complete four platforming levels, obtaining the necessary fragments to on each level to unlock the guardian level.  If Borti is successful, Florella will present him with an upgrade that will grant him abilities, getting him closer to his goal.

Platformers by design are built on a series of trial and error situations where you’re tasked with traversing increasingly difficult terrain as you approach your goal.  In Tiny Hands, they aren’t breaking the mold, but compartmentalizing it in each of the four stages prior to fighting one of the temple guardians.  The levels range from a slippery ice stage, to a 2-Dimensional platformer, to a stairway to the sky, with variations of each as the difficulty increases.

The entirety of Tiny Hands Adventures’ difficulty lies in a single recurring ploy, and that is defined simply as the Camera Angles.  Throughout each level, you may find that their choice of camera angle is strictly focused from the top down, making it tough to tell whether a box in front of you is meant to be broken to obtain a bauble or avoided because it will explode.  In a few levels, you’ll have to face challenges where Borti is running towards the camera the entire time, making it tough to see what is ahead of you, and requiring you to fail several times until you can anticipate the dangers to come.  Most of the enemies you come up against can be defeated with a tail swipe or bypassed altogether with the exception of the Temple Guardians which require 3 consecutive hits to defeat.

What Tiny Hands does, is provide a jovial environment that isn’t too terribly harsh, which harkens back to the platformers I’ve grown up with. To that end, I would have zero problems recommending this for children of all ages.  For the discerning platformer fan, there isn’t much to keep you interested.  The platforming is light, there are no puzzles to keep you interested. Collecting crystals isn’t based on skill so much as it is based on having the right tools at the right time.  The camera angles are truly the one major challenge any veteran platformer will encounter which could bend more towards a frustration than an enticing feature for a platformer fan.

With a light hearted presentation for children of all ages, well rendered graphics on both the PC and Switch versions, and a few rockin’ audio tracks that don’t get bothersome after repeatedly hearing them, Tiny Hands Adventure is a solid little game that can easily occupy new platformer fans. For veteran players, they may feel some nostalgia for some of the older, retro platformers like Banjo Kazooie, but it may also point out the glaring issues of what Tiny Hands Adventure is missing, like a larger overarching story, tighter platforming mechanics, and challenges that are more than just locking a camera angle.
  • Light-Hearted Theme
  • Limited Level Design
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