Lost Words: Beyond The Page Announced For 6 April

Lost Words: Beyond The Page, a charming new platforming adventure from Modus Games, is set to leap from the page onto PC and Console on 6 April.

If you’re not quite looking for the latest run and gun through Hell, and more likely to dip into a relaxing platformer like Stela, then you might want to clear some time in your schedule for the upcoming release of Lost Words: Beyond The Page. Due to hit Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch when it arrives on 6 April, this flick through the fantasy world of Estoria looks incredibly inviting.

Published by Modus Games and put together by Sketchbook Games and Fourth State, this tales wedges players between the pages of a diary and a fantasy story. Delving into a magical land, you’ll take on a 2D fantasy backdrop and leap through the pages of a young protagonist’s journal, as you try to come to terms with the trauma of losing a loved one out in the real world. As you surround yourself in this surreal story, penned by Rhianna Pratchett of Mirrors’ Edge and Tomb Raider fame, you’ll use words to solve puzzles, navigate dangers, and find your truth.

Much like the incredible Gris or even RiMe, this gorgeous looking indie adventure looks like more than just a pretty picture. We fully expect a heart wrenching tale from this title and with a wealth of awards behind it already, it already seems to come recommended. If you’re looking for something with a bit more emotional investment than loot and shoot then you can find out more about Lost Words: Beyond The Page by heading over to the official Steam Store page now and adding checking out the free demo ahead of the game’s full release. Alternatively, have a gander at the beautiful trailer above.

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