Tom Clancy’s The Division to Get a Hefty Update – Here’s What It Brings

Ubisoft has sent out a new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division. The video spotlights the next big free update coming to the game on August 15th.

Tom Clancy’s The  Division v1.7

The free update is coming with a boatload of content and improvements for players. The patch has been in a testing phase on both XBox One and PlayStation 4 for the past month. After responding to a lot of feedback, developers are ready to unleash the beast.

Players can expect to find several updated features including Feats, now known as Commendations. In addition, players will be able to get hold of new gear called “Classified” gear sets. These have better primary stats, re-calibration options and bonuses for 5- and 6-pieces. There is also a new set of “face masks” for players to further customize their character’s looks.

Those who enjoy Survival Mode will also find some updates including the ability to reach higher scores and earn better rewards. “Time investment is more on pare with other activities”.

Additionally, a new type of loot box called “encrypted caches” are coming that will be packed with random loot. These can be customization items or emotes. Keys to open them can be found or purchased using premium credits.

Last, but not least, Global Events are included in 1.7. Players will be able to participate in limited time activities with exclusive rewards for participating. According to Ubi, these events will take place on a semi-regular schedule. For instance, the first Global Event will kick off at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern on August 15th and will run through August 22nd. During the event, enemies will be altered to behave in a different way than normal. The cause is a mysterious virus that causes them to behave abnormally.

If you want to see what the patch is all about, you can play Survival Mode for free this coming weekend.

Check out the 1.7 patch notes here.

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