Trails of Cold Steel II Out Now On PS4

Everyone might be busy chasing the FF7 hype train but Trails of Cold Steel II is bringing the nostalgia back in force. This early entry in the Trails franchise is out on PS4 today.

Originally launched in 2014, this JRPG classic managed to make its way onto the ill-fated PSVta, PCs, and PlayStation3. Unlike the behemoth that is the Final Fantasy series, however, Trails of Cold Steel slipped under the radar, comparatively. It took a whole two years to make it West, just in time for the two Sony platforms to dwindle. Now Trails of Cold Steel II is getting a chance to bowl us all over again.

Published by Marvelous, Trails of Cold Steel II follows directly on from the events of the original Trails of Cold Steel. Rean Schwarzer and his noble knight companion have escaped captivity but his land and loved ones are still in the crosshair of the  Erebonian civil war With a group of recurring antagonists, Ren strives to reunite his comrades in an effort to out the civil war to rest and save those around him. This iteration is more than just a return to old ways. This Trails of Cold Steel includes a number of upgrades.

While the same speedy turn-based tactics, and ARCUS, system return players will find new allies, new dangers, and a new Overdrive mode to transport then across both the land and sky. Dual audio makes it into this mode and with next-gen storage capacity developer, Nihon Falcom has crammed in a ton of new character audio.

Trails of Cold Steel II might be an old adventure but this release looks as good as any major JPRG today, and the gameplay continues to look great. If you missed our coverage of the first Trails of Cold Steel re-release, check out some of our thoughts, catch up on the story then head over to the PlayStation Store where you can pick up this classic.

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