Tribes Of Midgard Tips And Tricks

A Good Start To Defeating Ragnarok

In Tribes of Midgard, the new co-op survival roguelite title from developer Norsfell and publisher Gearox, you and your group must protect the Seed of Yggdrasil from a never-ending assault of Helthings intent on bringing Ragnarok – the end of the world! It is no easy task to save the world, and Tribes of Midgard brings a unique blend of challenges to the survival genre. You enter Midgard with nothing but a loincloth, and the first wave of Helthing will arrive at nightfall. To level the playing field, we’ve put together 7 tips and tricks that will help you get your footing and set you on the path to victory. Good luck Einherjar, the fate of the world depends on your success.

Find The Shrines

Days are pretty short in ToM, so spending too much of the daylight hours running from point to point is a surefire recipe for defeat. Hunt down and activate shrines as quickly as possible. They will allow you to fast travel to and from your village, allowing you to get to the higher tier resources quickly, and then back again as night falls to defend the upcoming Helthing attack.

Upgrade Those Weapons

You’ve heard the old saying the best offense is a good defense? In Tribes of Midgard that should be changed to the best offense is an upgraded offense. Upgrading your weapons and armor not only help with taking out regular enemies, but it’s pretty much a requirement if you plan on taking down a Jotnar in a timely manner. 

Many of the weapon recipes require a lower-tier weapon, so keep that in mind if the weapon you want to make isn’t highlighted in the crafting screen. Since repairing weapons can consume souls faster than you can gather them, it’s a good idea to wait until your current weapon is nearly broken before making an upgrade. Don’t worry about repairing it before crafting either. Even a broken weapon can be used to craft an upgrade, and the new weapon will be at full durability regardless.

Fight Night

Villagers can handle the first couple of Helthing attacks without your help. You’ll need to be there every night after that, so make sure to use these first two nights to explore, gather some nighttime resources, and otherwise get yourself prepared to defend against subsequent attacks, as your villages won’t be able to handle them on their own.

Get to Jotnars ASAP

Although Jotnars don’t move very fast, waiting too long before trying to take one down will end poorly. They have a ton of hit points, and your early game weapons don’t do much damage. You’ll need the better part of a day to paper cut them to death, so a good gauge of when to attack is when the Jotnar reaches the travel shrine closest to your village. Waiting any longer than that risks the Jotnar reaching your village, which is pretty much game over.

Sharing Is Caring

If you’re playing in a multiplayer session, be sure to offload your resources and unneeded weapons and armor into the village chest. The chest works as a shared tool, and resources are automatically pulled from the chest when making upgrades. With everyone working as a team you’ll never be short on supplies, everyone will get a chance to gear up, and staving off Ragnarok will be that much easier.

Breaking Down Barriers

As you explore Midgard, you will encounter several obstacles blocking your way. Cliffs cannot be climbed (you can jump down) so the only way up is to build a ramp or find a naturally occurring path. Blocking many of those paths will be a wall, and this can be quickly destroyed by beating on it with weapons or fists. Don’t just bash and run, though. Destroying these structures leaves behind valuable resources like cut stone, boards, and wrought iron.

Tower Defense

You probably already figured out you needed to upgrade your villagers to get better gear, but did you know that upgraded villages are also better at defending your village? Along with their improved fighting ability, you can also upgrade your village defenses to easily protect the Seed of Yggdrasil. Every night, the Helthing attack is like a mini-tower defense game. You can build a gate and two defensive towers at each entrance to your village, and further upgrades will make them more durable and provide more powerful attacks. These upgrades will cost a lot of souls and materials, but they are well worth the price when the Helthings start attacking. In solo mode, your defenses also help you manage the three-pronged attack. Just close two of the gates so you can focus your time on the stream of Helthings coming through the third.

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