Gwent Expands Again with Price of Power

CD Projekt Red has announced the release of the latest expansion to its popular TCG Gwent. The Price of Power: Thanedd Coup landed in the game with a number of new cards and tactics for players to try out. In addition, the game’s latest season of Journey launched alongside the expansion.

The Price of Power: Thanedd Coup brings 26 brand new cards into the game that offers players a chance to “fight to the last spell”.

Most battles are fought on blood-soaked fields, others during violent sieges, but some are waged via more treacherous means. Why bother assembling and equipping armies when all you need to do is strike a shady deal? A well-placed agent hidden among an enemy’s ranks can be worth more than a hundred swords, and a well-timed betrayal can do just as much damage. Pick your side during the infamous clash of the most powerful mages on the Continent ⁠— the Thanedd Coup ⁠— and fight to the last spell!

The latest Journey season pass provides players with opportunities to earn some sweet loot just for playing through the levels it offers. Players can unlock over 100 levels of rewards over the coming three months. In the free tier, players can earn avatars and reward points. In the premium tier, players can earn a themed game board, an animated card back, a Leader skin, and more.

The story focus for Season 6 is on Aretuza — the magical academy located on Thanedd Island. Alongside new weekly quests, players will be able to learn more about the school through the perspective of Alissa, a student of Aretuza, as a new entry of her diary is made available each week of the Journey’s duration.

Check out the Gwent official site to learn more.

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