Ubisoft+ Free for One Week


Sometimes companies give us deals to entice us to continue using their services. They want to make money and we want to have a good time too.

Between April 12, 2022 and May 11, 2022 if you subscribe to Ubisoft+ for the first time ever then you will get the free seven day trial. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it will get you access to one hundred plus games in their premium modes.

Games like the Division 2 and Assassin’s Creed will be available at your fingertips and the hours of enjoyment that you will have will be worth the free seven days. There are also monthly rewards and you have the ability to cancel at any time. The 100+ titles are not restricted to older games, it also gives access to some new games as well. The rewards program starts from day one and lets you choose from in-game reward for different titles such as Watch Dogs: Legion and more.

There are two plans that give you the free 7 day trial. PC access and Multi access are the two plans you can sign up for. Both plans are mostly the same except for the cloud gaming on the multi access options. The options cost 14.99 per month after the trial or 17.99 for the multi access plan.

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Long time game enthusiast and writer. I have beta tested a lot of Mmorpg's since I was thirteen including Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars The Old Republic. Currently attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a degree in Game Art and Technology.

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