Unison League Collaborates with The Seven Deadly Sins!

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Released yesterday, Ateam Inc. announced the collaboration of Unison League and popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins to bring awesome new content to the Android / iOS devices!

The collaboration between the game and anime brings the players a special event officially licensed by KODASHA, starting May 31st.  With this special event, the game brings popular characters from the anime such as Meliodas, Diane, Ban, and many others from the anime into the game, central to the story, into Unison League along with a cluster of demons from The Ten Commandments.


The event is scheduled from May 31st through June 21st at 1:59AM Unison Time.  A special Highest-Rarity UR Elizabeth and Hawk gift will be given to all players!  Any player that logs in during the event will receive the top rarity characters.  Don’t miss out on the chance to claim these awesome prizes and bolster your collection just for logging in!


The event also brings in new exclusive quests and cosmetics.  These exclusive quests, Threat of the Commandments, and Prologue of the Holy War, allow you to navigate through the quests for a chance to obtain special cosmetic hair and face gear of Melascula and Helbram!  These are completely original quests to bring you fun and excitement!


Along with the event’s special quests and cosmetics, they are also having a prestige point event tied to the collaboration quests.  Clear the quests to earn Prestige, then claim a Collaboration Box Spawn Ticket at certain goals giving you a chance at even more event loot!  Don’t forget to log in once a day to claim your one UR Guaranteed spawn!  These spawns will feature popular characters from the anime!


Unison League is a  free to play mobile social RPG available on Android and iOS devices.  The game features an anime style graphics with cooperative online gameplay, guild battles, and five different classes.  Originally launched in Japan on December 4th, 2014, coming to the west several months later.  Enjoy real time heated battles to earn new weapons and equipment to gear up your favorite characters and engage in fierce guild battles with your friends!



You can download the game from the Android Store, or the iOS Store for free!



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