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If the Marvel Cinematic universe has taught us anything it’s that a solid crossover can be great! Bringing together some of your favorite characters from so multiple franchises and setting them on one grand adventure creates so many opportunities for creative storytelling, character interactions, and some sweet scenes together. Although I’m not holding my breath for a Master Chief meets Marcus Fenix (although how awesome would that be) it’s always great to see a mashup happen. Throw in some great hack and slash RPG elements and some over the top combat and things start to shape you into a promising title. Enter Warriors Orochi 4, from developer KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., which sees heroes from both the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games come together in an engaging tactical action title.

After spending the last week hacking, slashing, and progressing my chosen heroes through the game’s narrative and missions I’ve put the controller down to bring you my thoughts on this latest entry in the Warriors Orochi series. So grab that coffee, kick back, and enjoy the Gamespace Review of Warriors Orochi, reviewed on PC.

Warriors Orochi 4 brings together Heroes from their respective franchises in a desperate battle to stop the tyrant Orochi from ruling the world. The explanation for how heroes from to dramatically different eras end up together isn’t as important is how awesome it is to have them together. Although I didn’t hit up every side quest along the way, if you can simply accept that ‘magic’ brought everyone together the story itself is a pretty fun romp offering some epic moments and a few twists along the way.

Story delivery is handled primarily through some Japanese dialog with English subtitles which may be a bit of a turn off for some as there is an exceptional amount of dialog. However, if you take the time to read through it all the characters a unique and engaging offering up unique perspectives on the narrative as a whole. There are also some pretty impressive pre-rendered cutscenes that further highlight the games fantastical combat and feel.

The title offers up 170 different playable characters which in and of itself is a completionist dream game but even more interesting is the time and effort that was put into creating synergies between the multiple characters. With the ability to select three characters to take into battle the game has a system that rewards focused development of your party. The longer characters remain in the same party the strong the bond between them becomes. With time, investment and focus your team becomes an unstoppable death ball that can wreak havoc on the many (and I do mean many) enemies you will face on your journey.

Coupled with this is a rather well-designed weapons and armor crafting system. This further enhances your party allowing you to salvage parts, full deconstruct or sale of items you collect in-game. These aforementioned parts can then be infused into another weapon or armor piece to give it enhanced stats and buffs. For a game that is essentially about steamrolling through endless hordes of mobs, the developer has put a lot of thought and care into the RPG elements of the title. It is a satisfying experience that gives the standard RPG grind a focused, purposeful feel.

Speaking of the grind, let’s take a moment to discuss combat. Seeing as you spend essentially all of the game slashing, smashing and exploding everything around you combat really has to be well developed. Once again Warriors Orochi 4 delivers and avoids what could have been a button mash snore fest.

Instead, you are offered some compelling combo systems with the aforementioned character synergies playing a huge role in this compelling combat system. With on the fly character switching, Warriors rewards players for switching character mid combo creating amazingly satisfying finisher moves. The best part is that combos don’t require a 32 button sequence to land but a just difficult enough to feel satisfying when completed.

Orochi 4 also introduces a new combat mechanic in the form of magic which adds another exciting layer to our combat cake. Also working on the same principle as the rest of combat, players are rewarded for well-timed combos and attacks.  Each part of the combat from character synergies, combo-based combat and well-executed magic attacks all harmonize together to create a fun and entertaining experience.

Visually the game performs well but does suffer from some seriously reused NPC placements. To a point, I can understand the copy/paste approach as you will literally slay tens of thousands of enemies in your time with Warriors Orochi but it can get a bit a repetitive to look at after a while. Thankfully KOEI TECMO tries to offset this by offering up some seriously impressive combat and magic animations with the latter as well as finisher moves getting impressive cutscenes. This part of the visuals is spectacular, over the top and works wonderfully in a game that is so deeply invested in the mythology and the fantastical.

Warriors Orochi 4 is a great offering in the tactical action genre with massive scale, excellent combat solid RPG offerings. Some repetitive NPC usages coupled with the grindy nature of the title might be a turn off to sum. However, if you are someone who loves develop overpowered characters and teams, is a completionist at heart or is looking for a title to grind through while binging whatever is on Netflix, Warriors Orochi 4 delivers!
  • Excellent combat mechanics
  • Solid character development mechanics
  • Makes the grind fun
  • Repetitive NPC usage
  • Fun or not this game is about the grind
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