Whispers in the Walls Release Date Revealed at The Game Awards

Whispers in the Walls release date just dropped, with a date of 13 December 2023.

The Game Awards news keeps on coming with yet another release date reveal at last night’s presentation. Between the accolades, Digital Extremes took to the annual ceremony to announce the release date for Warframe’s latest update. Whispers in the Walls will add a ton of new content, enemies, allies, and an intriguing time twisting tale to the already expansive title. Players on all platforms will be able to jump in to and explore the labs of Albrecht Entrati and unravel the mystery behind some terrifying new adversaries., all across Pc, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

A closer Look

Last night also meant a new tailer for the add on. The Cinematic trailer marks a turning point for Warframe’s renowned storytelling efforts, kicking off a new narrative arc full of fresh faces and darker mysteries to encounter for years to come. The story will delve into the very creation of the Tenno and the inaugural moments of Warframe’s lore, all the way back to modern day Earth. The mysterious Man in the Wall might hold the key to it all, but you’ll need to survive. The Murmur, a brand new faction that wield odd new powers creeps forth and the powers of the Void might seem unfathomable. The new trailer gives us a glimpse of all this and more.

Between the new narrative arc, extra challenges, new Warframes, and new game modes, players will also get Cross Platform Save too. Frankly, I’ve been excited for what’s coming since the stunning 1999 trailer dropped. To find out everything coming when Whispers in the Wall release date arrives, check out our preview or head over to the official website now.

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