Xbox Problems Add to Microsoft Outage Woes

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Xbox owners might notice some problems as they power up this morning. A significant Microsoft outage has caused serious consternation for players trying to sign in and synch games on Xbox Live.

Just as we rolled out of bed and grabbed the morning brew, it seemed something was amiss in our inbox. The normal flood of emails was more of a drought and it seems we’re not the only people impacted. Gamers across the globe are about to find out if they are impacted by a major outage when they boot up and try to contact Xbox Live services. A potential networking issue, labeled MO502273 by Microsoft, seems to be causing a number of services to be degraded or unreachable for scores of customers. This includes Xbox Live, Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 services.


For Xbox owners and subscribers to the Microsoft Xbox Live service, this is likely to manifest as a range of problems, from a complete inability to access any server, to synch issues with games. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Xbox account issues, but our last report was a much more narrow set of issues to do with a BT promotion. The scale of the outage is largely unknown as yet and this all seems to be down to the nature of the problem. Microsoft’s latest Twitter update indicated that the issues impacting both consumer-facing services and the Azure cloud infrastructure could be related to a networking issue. While we don’t have full details on that you can keep an eye on socials or the Microsoft status page for now.

After kicking off somewhere in the early hours UK time, we’re hoping that this gets resolved in time for the rest of our audience to wake up and get gaming.

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