Zoria: Age of Shattering Got a Massive Patch 1.0.4

Zoria Age of Shattering Got a Massive Patch 1.0.4

Developer Tiny Trinket Games tirelessly pumps out updates for tactical RPG Zoria: Age of Shattering. The game just received massive Patch 1.0.4 that introduced huge combat system improvements, class changes, issue fixes, and more.

If you didn’t have a chance to try out the game yet, Zoria thrusts you in the middle of a war between your home kingdom of Elian and its necromancy-wielding Izirian opponents. It is up to you to take control over a remote outpost and form a large warband of soldiers, sneaky thieves, pious clerics, and more. Cooking, crafting, managing resources and the durability of your gear will accompany your every step.

“We’ve been reading your suggestions, comments and reviews. Huge thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us. This update is huge, really. With that, we hope it covers the most frequent issues and significantly improve your experience with Zoria. Please enjoy!”

Zoria: Age of Shattering – Patch 1.0.4 Includes:

Game-wide changes

  • Increase Physical/Magical Damage Weapon stats for 2 handed items (from 1.5x to 2.5x versus one handed items)
  • Merchant System – Fixed option to Buy/Sell recipes (gear, cooking, alchemy)
  • Quest Marks – fixed issue with color of quest mark (yellow instead of blue) when a merchant had also a rumor entry.
  • Changed default level of audio settings to match the reset values.
  • World Shrines that buff Stamina will now give the corresponding HP as well.
  • Added missing Voice Over for Amaldir.
  • Added Priestess of Amaldir world shrines in multiple areas that clear Curses and Diseases.
  • Multiple typos are fixed in quest entries, UI and game story/lore.

Class Changes

  • Sentinel Class – increase damage for Backbreaker, Vigilant Strike, Igniting Blade. Banner of Might will give a buff on 20% Intellect as well beside Agility and Strength
  • Kingsman Class – increased damage for some abilities and increased range for King’s Fire ability
  • Necromancer Class – increased damage and reduced cost for certain abilities. Infernal Edict damage and hit points adjusted
  • Priest – Healing Well is now placed next in the Combat Queue thus providing the healing effect right after the end of turn of the current Priest character.

Combat System

  • During exploration Combat Focus will only deplete to a certain level based on the game difficulty (Easy – 35, Normal – 20, Hard – 15, Unfair – 10)
  • Enemy abilities max range was lowered to values that match the max range of follower abilities
  • Removed the 4th Action Point bonus for Boss characters when below 30% health (Easy Difficulty). For all other difficulty options elite and boss character will receive the 3rd Action Point respectively the 4th Action Point for at slightly lower health levels.
  • Attack of Opportunity – increase change of triggering to 30% as well as range of trigger to 5 meters
  • Greatly improved flow of combat system through the added 7 meters of free movement at the start of the character’s turn. This change offers greater flexibility in avoiding Line-of-Sight issues and generally improves combat experience flow by allowing the use of AP abilities while also moving in the same turn.
  • Free movement range can be partially expended during the player’s turn over multiple movement actions so long the character still has Action Points left. Each Action Point consumed for movement will increase the free movement range by an additional 7 meters, governed by the same consumption mechanic.
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