Bee Simulator Review – It’s Buzzing Good

As a member of the hive, you must strive to do your Queen’s bidding. Whether you are a soldier or a collector, you will be helping your hive to survive whatever comes your way. Hatching from your egg, learning to fly, and learning what your role will be is a lot to handle and the buzz is real. Collect your pollen and join us as we review Bee Simulator.

From Developer VARSAV Game Studios and Publisher Bigben Interactive comes an interactive look at the life of a bee in Bee Simulator. In an age where real-life simulator games are becoming bigger and bigger, Bee Simulator takes it to the next level but decreases your size a lot. Now the world seems ten times bigger than any of the other simulator games, and why shouldn’t it? Because now you are a bee.


From a look at the scale, you are a tiny little insect, but you have a huge mission in the world. You collect pollen for your hive to produce honey, you pollinate the plants so that flowers, fruits, and vegetables can grow. You fly around from place to place learning what it means to be a bee in this wide world. It all starts as you emerge from your honeycomb hotel as you are greeted by your first bee friend. She will teach you how to fly, how to collect, and how to move faster than any other bee. Once you have completed her missions you are able to meet with the Queen Bee to learn your role in the hive.

As you leave the safety of the hive you will learn about the activities that can be partaken of in the world. You have racing options, fights with other bugs, and missions to find super rare flowers and more. Racing is probably one of my favorite mission sets in Bee Simulator because you are trying to catch another bee that is from your hive. It takes you through these little rings that you have to go through to make sure your path is completed. You race above and below flowers, you also fly through hollowed-out tree stumps and underground through smaller caves. It is just so much fun to do these missions.

Aside from side missions, there is a primary story arc that you will complete as you play through the game as well. You start off by learning about the outside world, and then you move on to finding rare flowers from someone at the zoo, and then just keep going. I spent several hours just flying around collecting pollen and racing other bees, and fighting wasps and spiders. The combat is very simplistic. When you enter a battle you have left mouse click and right mouse click for attack and defense. It is more of a mini-game in the way it is designed. You hit the left mouse when the mouse marker shows up and right mouse when that button shows. You will defend yourself and attack based on these clicks.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on the PC with a code provided by PR.

Overall, my experience with Bee Simulator has been very positive. As someone whose father owns bees, it was cool to see things from the inside of the hive. Flying around and see things from a bee’s perspective was also a very cool thing to play out. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $39.99 USD.
  • Take a look at the world from a bee's perspective
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Affordable
  • Somethings like hunting for rare flowers can be difficult at times
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