tactical combat


Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition Review

You peek from behind a boulder, pull your rifle out and aim at the nearest cliff. While aiming through the scope you take a deep breath and exhale slowly before you gently squeeze the trigger. The rif...

8 Great

Iratus: Lord of the Dead PC Review

Seething forth from the dark depths below comes a new game by the dev team at Unfrozen. Iratus: Lord of the Dead puts you in charge of things most dark by being the Necromancer bringing forth undead b...

9.5 Amazing

Frozen Synapse 2 Review – Five Seconds To Defeat

Have you ever watched a movie where a SWAT team or military squad makes an assault, clearing out a complex room by room? If you thought to yourself, “I could do it better” then developer M...

8.3 Great

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