After Us Will Arrive on 23 May

After Us is about to bring a thrilling new post human adventure to Pc and PlayStation on 23 May.

Private Division and Piccolo Studios have confirmed that their intriguing post human adventure will launch on Pc and PlayStation next month. After us is a thrilling twist on the post-apocalyptic RPG that brings us far forward into the future and beyond the end of our race, to give life on Earth a second chance. This news dropped with a preview of the title’s gameplay. Melding exploration with 3D platforming mechanics, this upcoming release might take thematic inspiration from the likes of Nier Automata and seem to play a little like Lost Ember, but it’s got our attention.

Anybody else picking up After Us will find themselves in control of Gaia, the Spirit of Life. Waking in the remnants of a world that seems shattered and abandoned, you’ll need to venture out among an abstract world to salvage the souls of extinct animals. Traversing a mix of abandoned structures, citadels, and deserts, you’ll need to retrieve these souls by running, jumping, and gliding across the world. Ultimately, bringing these animals essences back to a central Ark will allow you to learn their fate and repair the damage done.
With dying forests, crumbling skyscrapers and a mysterious end for all life on Earth, After Us stands out on the upcoming release list as something that I’ll be taking a look at. If’ you’re interested in saving what’s left of life then head over to the Steam Store or PlayStation store to find out more now.

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