Albion Online “Queen” update coming Jan 20th

Albion Online

On January 20th, Albion Online will be receiving its next major content update. The Queen content expansion features what developer Sandbox Interactive is calling the largest overall update since the MMORPG’s launch in 2017. The Queen update will bring new features to players as well as a slate of improvements and enhancements to existing features.

Here’s a look at some of Queen’s contents:

  • The Outlands high-level PvP zone has been completely reworked to provide more exciting and strategic gameplay.
  • Territories can now be claimed via open-world battles. The team has included “zerg debuffs and smart cluster queues to encourage quality over quantity” in terms of army building.
  • The Crystal League is open to all players for 5v5 combat.
  • Elite Randomized Dungeons will be opening for large groups of high-level players. These dungeons include the new Avalonian faction, the most powerful PvE enemies in the game.
  • Wardrobe Skins that display costume items over armor.
  • Enchanted Stone with improved refining efficiency.
  • New cursors and cursor icons for improved readability.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to inspect players.
  • Updated World Boss icons.

Read even more details by visiting the Albion Online official site.

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