Albion Online Team Spotlights Mobile PvP Action

Sandbox Interactive and PlayerTwo Mobile Gaming took to YouTube recently to showcase Albion Online PvP action via mobile devices. The mobile version of the MMORPG is currently in beta testing on Android devices.

The video shines the spotlight on “a variety of small- and medium-scale PvP combat” all accomplished on a mobile device. The action took place in a number of locations including:

  • the Corrupted Dungeons, a hardcore 1v1 PvE/PvP solo dungeon. The battles were on “Slayer” difficulty, the highest in the game.
  • open world ZvZ combat
  • 5v5 Hellgates

The mobile version of AO is expected to launch worldwide for both iOS and Android mobile devices in 2021 and will be part of the “truly cross-platform” vision of the development team. To ensure that gameplay is the best it can be, developers have released tons of performance improvements and optimizations tailored for a mobile platform.

Learn more by watching the video and then heading to the Albion Online official site to download the Android version.

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