Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Drops On Reddit

Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends is just itching to get started on a brand new season and we’ve had a glimpse of the carnage. It appears that the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leaked over on Reddit a few hours ago.

Apex Legends is something of a surprise hit. Developed by Respawn Entertainment instead of a Titanfall successor, this arena action shooter deployed onto Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in early 2019. It proceeded to rack up some impressive numbers and a fair amount of critical praise. You can even check out our review or this battle royale here on Gamespace.  Now, a Reddit user by the name of ChangeThisXBL has continued to add to the Apex surprises with both Season 2 trailers, which reveal some massive changes.

What’s Coming

One of the major concerns about Apex Legend’s initial launch was map diversity. With just one map in play, it looks like Respawn is going to change things up significantly. Owing to a massive EMP blast, the once barren deserts in the Apex Arena are no teeming with life. While that’s not quite how EMPs work, the change is quite stark. Although the encroach of greenery is obvious it’s the dinosaurs that will probably get your attention. Dinosaurs, pterodactyls, and an enormous quadruped Leviathan are scattered across this new horizon. While it’s a fair bet that this wildlife has claws for a reason, there’s no telling if these flying foes are going to pick off players as they drop into an area.

Both season 2 trailers in FULL HD Quality! from r/apexlegends

Alongside the new wildlife, Apex Legends is getting new characters. While Respawn already let slip some details about one. The other rumored hero to come to the fight is teased in these leaks. Named Crypto, this is not the Watson character you might be familiar with, but a new hacker that seems to be out to cause havoc.

With a bunch of other bits thrown in, from new skins, to emotes, and arena structures this Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer has plenty for fans. If you can’t wait, head over to Reddit now. Otherwise, the Apex Legends youtube channel will be showing the trailer in context in just a few more hours.


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