ArcheAge Invites Players to Explore Erenor


ArcheAge Unchained and ArcheAge Legacy players are being invited by gamigo developers to set off on a new series of quests called Chronicle. The latest game update brings the world-spanning questline into the game as well as other big new features.

When players set off on the Chronicle questline called Calleil and the Crown Prince, they are sent to the far corners of the world to “investigate the traces of a mysterious stranger”. Along the way, players will “face many new challenges and learn about the origins of the false prophet Calleil. Chronicle is a lore-based investigation so players can learn more about the world of Erenor.

In addition to Chronicle, players will also find the new Vehicle Customization feature where “drivers can now pimp up their rides with custom chassis, tires, or impressive weapons”.

Lastly, Meina, Glenn, and Jola, a trio of well-known Adversaries, have been buffed up and are stronger than ever before. Players will be able to face off against them to test their mettle.

Check out all of the details by visiting the ArcheAge official site.

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