Ascent of Ashes Early Access Delayed to Q1 2024

Ascent of Ashes Early Access Delayed to Q1 2024

Vivid Storm Interactive and Camlann Games have announced that the early access phase of Ascent of Ashes has been delayed. Initially planned for early access release on November 15th, the team has made the difficult decision to postpone the colony sim until Q1 2024. According to the letter published on the game’s Steam page, developers have cited the need for more time to address community feedback from earlier testing phases. In addition, Vivid Storm is moving the game from Unity to the Godot engine, resulting in the need for additional time to make the transition.

While we understand a delay is disappointing, we feel that our priority right now is to work on the reports and suggestions brought up by the community,” says Max Hermann, Lead Developer and Owner of Vivid Storm Interactive. “We have taken your input to heart and will be using it to build a stronger foundation for Ascent of Ashes.

In the meantime, developers are urging players to wishlist the game on Steam and participate in future testing opportunities.


  • Build a New Home – Build your survivors a base where they can rest and trade stories between adventures. Farm crops, tame alien beasts, incorporate salvaged technology and fortify your home against hostile intruders.
  • Engage in Deep tactical Combat – Prevailing in combat will require more than just point-and-click. A detailed hit simulation and health system will mean that even non-lethal hits can render a survivor unable to go on. Suppressive fire might pin an enemy in place, but the ammunition used up may leave you ill-equipped to fight the next encounter effectively
  • Drive Restored Vehicles – It’s a big world out there. To get around you will need better transportation than your legs can provide. One of the things setting Ascent of Ashes apart from other games of this genre is the ability to restore and drive vehicles.
  • Lead Your Survivors – Each survivor has their own unique personality and motivations. As colony leader it is up to you to find and recruit capable survivors to fill gaps in your roster against ever increasing challenges. Can you keep everyone happy, secure and motivated?
  • Explore a Strange New World – You will find yourself in an expansive, procedurally generated world filled with different biomes and points of interest. To survive the post-apocalypse you’ll have to brave the pre-collapse ruins and the many dangers that they hold.
  • Challenge a Dynamic AI – Taking on a disorganized band of raiders will play very differently from fighting a squad of well-trained Remnant soldiers.
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