Dying Light: Hellraid Offers Players a New Game Mode

TechLand has announced the release of Dying Light: Hellraid, a huge new DLC for the nearly six-year-old game. DL: Hellraid offers players a completely new game mode to enjoy that is a departure from the zombie killing fest of the base game and brings hordes of undead to challenge all comers. DL: Hellraid is based off the Hellraid game that was originally in development at TechLand before devs segued off to create Dying Light, itself a huge hit with fans.

During DL: Hellraid, players will encounter all-new monsters and be able to unlock new weapons and gear along the way. The DLC features its own progression system. As players improve their Hellraid rank, they’ll unlock access to a variety of swords, axes, and hammers to create mayhem. Players using the Hellraid currency to purchase these weapons will also have access to them outside of the DLC.

Developers also announced that September will see even more new content added to DL: Hellraid. Plans are already underway to add new ranks, weapons, collectible notes to expand the lore, and a bounty system. The plan is to release the new content by the end of September.

Look for the new DLC on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Check out the Dying Light: Hellraid Steam page to learn more.

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