Ashes of Creation – Intrepid Studios Parts Ways with My.Games

ashes of creation

In 2018, Intrepid Studios and MY.GAMES (previously known as and have entered a partnership to publish Ashes of Creation in EU/CIS region. As pointed out by Intrepid Studios, at the time, it made the most sense to partner with an established publisher for these regions.

Since then Intrepid has grown as a company and expanded its capabilities, leading to a re-evaluation of the company’s strategies.

“As we have grown as a company and have expanded our capabilities it made sense to reevaluate our strategies and ultimately expand the responsibilities of Intrepid Studios to become a global publisher, leading that initiative with bringing excellent service for our playerbase and community management that focuses on respecting our fans.”

MY.GAMES and Intrepid Studios mutually decided to part ways. Intrepid will be opening European offices in Amsterdam and have recently posted open positions to hire the best and the brightest.

The company posted a quick Q&A in the same blog post with the announcement to answer some of the fans’ burning questions:

  • In the coming weeks, the company will announce the migration steps for moving MY.GAMES accounts to Intrepid Studios
  • The purchases and achievements you have on your MY.GAMES account will be migrated to the Intrepid Studios account management system
  • If you currently own both an Intrepid Account and MY.GAMES account that you intend to migrate, you will be able to submit a support ticket and we will help to consolidate your accounts into one, if you so desire
  • If you owned a pre-order package during the time of a desired individual monthly cosmetic, you will be able to submit a ticket through the customer support system, where the team will then verify your eligibility to purchase the cosmetics and help to facilitate that purchase
  • Intrepid Studios will be working to ensure proper localization in the supported languages
  • Any players who previously purchased their pre-order through MY.GAMES can submit a support request through MY.GAMES for a full refund

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