Atlas “Sea of Wonders” Update Sets Sail

Atlas has been patched to bring the Sea of Wonders content update into the game. It features a new map, six new geographic areas to explore, three new ships types to construct, and boatloads of new content to explore. The patch also marks the beginning of the new Wonder system. Sea of Wonders is available for both PC and Xbox One.

The Atlas has also expanded! Visit six new areas based on geographical locations:

  • Rookie Cove – Here all pathfinders can cruise the seas in peace, gather their bearings, and then test their newfound abilities until they are comfortable to progress full sail ahead!
  • Central Waters – The largest area in the game, its host to a healthy mix of tropical islands, but also an ancient evil told in Atlantean myths. Can you find all the power stones and defeat the greatest challenge?
  • South America – A region home to tropical/equatorial areas. However, there seems to be faint chanting amongst this region. Will you be able to find the source of this hidden power?
  • Africa – A region home to the hottest desert Islands around. Crocodiles, venomous snakes, and lots and lots of sand call this region home.
  • Antarctica – The harshest sub-zero climates, icebergs, penguins, and elusive yeti populate the islands around here.
  • North Pole – The north pole is similar to Antarctica but to the north. Same freezing weather but perhaps the treasures here are the defining difference.

Check out all of the finer details by visiting the Atlas official site.

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