The Future of Gods Unchained, The Title That Revolutionised Web3 Gaming

The Future of Gods Unchained, The Title That Revolutionised Web3 Gaming

It was 2018 when the first-ever blockchain-based trading card game came out. It’s fair to say that there’s been a significant interest in this niche market. You’d only have to ask any avid gamer to understand the true extent of Gods Unchained’s impact on the sector, after all. However, it’s a known fact that video games must be constantly reinvented to retain their popularity through new modes, re-releases, or expansions into new markets. So what’s in store for Gods Unchained? And in what ways will Immutable Games find to keep the game relevant in the ever-changing world of Web3?

Making History

According to Coin Telegraph, Gods Unchained hit the gaming world with a bang by being a play-to-earn, decentralized crypto game. Essentially, in Gods Unchained, you play a mortal in the fantasy world of Eucos, where the mythology-inspired artwork and lore make the game as thematically and visually rich as can be. The goal is to beat your opponents by strategically building a deck of cards to use in battles. It’s also a free-to-play game, which means that, unlike many other NFT-based games, no initial transaction is required to play it.

Of course, the theme was intentional. Look at any industry under the umbrella of the entertainment sector, and you’ll see the influence of ancient mythology on all sorts of titles, be they TV series, blockbuster films, video games, or even online casino games. Some more commercialized franchises include the likes of God of War, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Age of Mythology. Over the years, these sprawling series have won over thousands of players around the world and even led to adaptations on the silver screen.

Meanwhile, in the ever-evolving online casino industry, fan favorites such as Age of the Gods have gone down so well with audiences that developers have churned out around 25 iterations of the original. There are allusions to Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology within the titles and respective themes, and it’s perhaps no surprise that the titles have had, and will continue to have, major staying power.

Gods Unchained

Epic Games Store

One of the most recent developments for Gods Unchained was its recent addition to the Epic Games Store last June. Epic Games Store is a digital store created by Epic Games in 2018 where players can purchase games, apps, and software distributed by different developers and even find free games each week during this year.

This launch will surely have a positive impact on Gods Unchained’s popularity and its commercial performance. Not only will it help to grow the game’s player base, but it will also allow them to experience it in a different way.

Next Stop: Mobile

The next big step for the game seems to be through a common route taken by countless games that came before it – the mobile market. This is an expected turn for the studio as mobile gaming presents a great opportunity to introduce the game to a much greater audience thanks to its increased accessibility.

Being a blockchain-based game, Gods Unchained can use as much exposure as it can get, as this type of Web3 game is still unfamiliar to many people. So far, at least according to Pocket Gamer, reviews from the game’s pre-alpha mobile version seem to mean that they’re on the right track.

The game’s expansion plans continue as a series of rotating game modes was announced earlier this month. The first one up, Chaos Constructed, shakes up the gameplay by allowing you to use cards from all domains to build your deck. It seems Gods Unchained is nowhere near being done with new releases and expansions to keep players on their toes and introduce more people to Web3 gaming. Keep an eye out for the latest rotating game modes and the upcoming mobile version we’ve all been waiting for as we move into the world of Web3.

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