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We have recently taken the dive into the new Pokemon game, wait no we haven’t it’s from TRAGsoft, and it’s called Coromon. A JRPG type of title that has a very similar feel to the aforementioned monster-catching game. Instead of throwing balls, you will throw spinners as you try to tame them all, Coromon. Here is our review of it.

In the land of Velua your character starts work as a battle researcher trying to gather details about all of these creatures called Coromon. As a member of Lux Solis you will be sent around the world to find several key creatures that you will absorb energy from. To tame them is your test and using them to fight is your cause. Battle research will bring you around to different cities each that have their own side tasks to increase the story that you are following. With over 100 different types of creatures to tame, there will be tons to do.


Similar to other turn-based games when you enter battle you have options to fight, run, use items, and switch your mon out with another. Battling is a bit different because of the stamina-based skills. You will expend stamina for using skills and attacks while other skills will gain stamina. There are evolutions that will increase the stats of your Coromon as well. Some evolutions will occur at a predetermined level while some can happen for raising stats of your mon during battle. For example, Swurmy is a bug type that evolves at level 14 or by raising its attack stat by 6 points in a single fight. This makes it a little more fact-finding to evolve than other games.

World travel is similar to older-style RPGs where your main characters walk or run, around from town to town. Some games have gotten away from open-world travel and it is a very sad thing because the story is better with the journey, not some quick point and click. There are obstacles that show up in your way. Thankfully you have a gauntlet that you wear that receives updated modules for different tasks. One module prevents a stink so that wild Coromon runs away in an area for around five minutes. Another module is helpful for rolling big logs out of the way. There are some tasks hidden behind logs and things like that so be sure to always be exploring. There are six major areas in Velua for you to explore each with a differing biome and creatures of those types in each.

One feature that will be good for softcore or hardcore gamers is the difficulty change. You can play on the easiest story level, a normal level, and the most difficult rating. Some things that happen in story mode are different than the hardest mode. One thing I have seen is if your coromon faints you have to release it into the wild. This makes it a mode for the super hardcore gamers. Its small items such as this make this title different than Pokemon.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

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