Bandai Namco Announces Play Anime Live Stream For July

swo play anime live

Bandai Namco is about to Otaku the summer streaming schedule with vigour as it announces a Play Anime Live Showcase across Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook on 22 July 2020.

Gamers tuning in to find out what the Play Anime Live showcase is all about will find a fresh new look at the publishers upcoming array of PC, console, and mobile titles. The online updates also seem set to include a bunch of developer updates, live giveaways, and more. Most importantly, I think we can probably take a chance and say that the event will also be heavily anime themed. Bandai Namco has a bunch of slated releases that revolve around established anime franchises, as well as original games.

I’d expect to see updates on the awesome looking RPG Scarlet Nexus, as well as other more established anime characters such as Captain Tsubasa. We may even see a bit more about Tales of Crestoria, the first in the series of Tales games to be designed for mobile platforms. What we wouldn’t expect to see is a further glimpse of Cyberpunk 2077, which Bandai is publishing on consoles, or Een Ring, which is still heavily under wraps.

Bandai Namco is almost synonymous with anime and otaku gaming. Taking a quick glimpse at their roster over on Steam reveals everything from Shonen fan service such as My Hero’s One Justice to gorgeous original ideas like Ni No Kuni. You can find out exactly what is coming up by watching over on twitch, Facebook, and Youtube, or heading over to the official Play Anime Live website to grab more details and sign up to win a Play Anime swag box full of anime themed merch.


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