Master Mirror Expansion Is Available Now For Gwent

mirror master

Gwent has launched its 5th expansion and the new update to CD Projekt Red’s card game is now live across PC and mobile.

Earlier this year we highlighted a brand new expansion coming for Gwent. Now, fans of the online card game steeped in the lore of The Witcher series can grab the Mirror Master expansion across multiple platforms. Billed as a free update and a massive change to the current game, the Mirror Master expansion brings a whole raft of new cards across, PC, iOS, and Android.

The latest update to the series revolves around a mysterious powerful character best known from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Hearts of Stone expansion, Gaunter O’Dimm. Over70 new cards are added to the game’s deck with 11 neutral cards and 6 unique, legendary faction cards evolve their skills and appearance throughout the course of battle. Check out an example below.

While this is the most visual of the changes, the Mirror Master expansion also adds a bunch of new abilities with these cards. A range of offensive and defensive abilities will come into play when you jump into the new battles. CD Projekt Red already detailed some of the abilities, such as ‘Veil’, which allows players to shield an allied unit from negative statuses, or prevent an enemy unit from gaining beneficial ones. ‘Devotion’, in turn, enhances the skills of a card that has that keyword, but only if the player’s deck consists solely of faction-specific cards. That’s just the beginning of the abilities you’ll need to master, however.

Gwent is just one of many online card games available on the market today. this one was launched by CD Projekt Red back in 2016 and based on a fictional mini-game in the Witcher RPG. It defines itself by basing combat across three rows, playing faction-based cards and imitating a battlefield. It also dives deep into the lore of the hugely successful Witcher Franchise, featuring factions such as the Skellige, Monsters, and Syndicate. If you’re a Witcher fan then you can pick up the new Mirror Master Expansion now or head over to the official website for more information.


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