Battlefield 1 – Get Hot Over the Winter Update

Battlefield 1

EA has unleashed a huge update for Battlefield 1. Cleverly called the “Winter Update”, the patch brings a number of feature updates as well as a higher level cap.

The Skinny on the Battlefield 1 Winter Update

So what can players expect to find? Among other things, combatants will collect Ribbons (20 of them) as they play that are designed to keep players working as a team and completing objectives.

Other notable components of the update include:

  • Elite Codices – kill 500 on each primary weapon, receive 25k bonus XP
  • Class rank raised to 50
  • rent-a-server features added
  • improvements to vehicles, UI, map updates, weapon enhancements and much more

You can see the patch notes on the game’s official site.

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