Battlefield V gets a trio of free play weekends

Battlefield V

EA really wants players to check out Battlefield V. This is evidenced by a whopping three free-to-play weekends coming up. Anyone who has yet to check out the year-old game can do so starting as early as the upcoming weekend.

The first event runs from October 10th to October 13th. Its focus is on the Rush game mode. During Rush, up to 32 players take part in one of the series’ signature modes. Teams of 16 are either Defenders or Attackers fighting to control a number of sections. The goal is to place bombs or disarm them depending on which side a player is on. The best part is that players will be able to check out the brand new Operation Underground map during the event. You can get a look at Rush in action below.

The second free weekend begins October 17th and runs through October 20th. This time, the focus is on Conquest. The goal of each faction is to control as many flags as possible. These are sprinkled throughout the game map. Each side begins with 800 tickets. When one team runs out of tickets, match over!

The final weekend runs from October 24th to October 27th and features Grand Operation mode. From the official site: “Grand Operations let you take on several of Battlefield V’s maps and multiplayer modes in the same intense session. When wrapped up into one grand, historical clash between two rival factions, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its all-out war parts.”

All progress is saved from any or all of the events. This means that if a player decides to purchase the game, they’ll dive in with all earned items, unlocks, etc.

Check out the full FAQ on the Battlefield V official site.

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