Beast: False Prophet Update “Better Reflects the Game’s True Vision”

The Beast: False Prophet Update "Better Reflects the Game's True Vision"

False Prophet has announced that a large new early access update has been deployed for its turn-based tactical RPG Beast: False Prophet. The patch offers players up to 40 hours of gameplay and, according to the team, allows players to take on the game from start to finish. This is the second major update for the early access title and is said to “better reflect the game’s true vision.”

Developers have released a trailer to shine the spotlight on some of the most significant aspects of the patch.

False Prophet hopes that the new content will generate game sales to fund bug fixes and polish further ahead of the 2024 release date.

The update adds five new missions, six new enemy types, eight new cutscenes, a new camp, 49 achievements, an alternate Beast Mode transformation, and gameplay fixes/enhancements.

Features include

  • Deep, Rich Narrative: Long presumed dead, a veteran returns from a 10-year-long Ottoman slavery. His Carpathian homeland is feebly reigned by the demented prophet-king, its lands ruined by raiders and cursed with a hellish plague. Facing hordes of enemies and his inner demons, you must help him see it through no matter the cost!
  • Unique Beast System: Exercise or exorcize your inner Beast – you decide. The Insanity system pushes you to make difficult moral decisions during combat.
  • Insanity of the Dark Ages: Atmospheric, story-rich, grim, dark world inspired by Carpathian legends. There is only evil – greater or lesser.
  • Ranged Weapons: Command your squad in fast-paced, gridless, turn-based tactical battles.
  • Brutal Melee Combat: Advance and survive intense and visceral encounters.

Check out the Beast: False Prophet Steam page for more details.

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