Black Book Successfully Finishes Kickstarter Campaign

black book kickstarter

Narrative-driven RPG Adventure Black Book has successfully finished its Kickstarter Campaign collecting $163,496 pledged by almost 5 thousands backers with the developers initially aiming to raise $35k. The extra funding allowed the campaign to add some stretch goals:

  • English voice over – key characters and story scenes will now be voiced
  • Loyalty Quests – each of the companion characters will get their own side-quest, diving deeper into their backstory
  • New Companion – Mysterious Raven Karnysh will join you as a companion. But is he a friend?
  • Battle Mode – a roguelike mode in a style similar to Slay The Spire! Defeat enemies while unlocking cards and equipment – how long will you last?
  • New Companion – White Head the talking skull who once used to be a sorcerer as well. Will you be able to solve a mystery of his immortality?
  • Additional Music and Russian VO – additional music tracks arranged for the game by the composer and a professional Russian voice-over (will be available with English subtitles as well)
  • Card game “Durak” – a mini-game based on a well-known Slavic card game will be available in Black Book


A young girl named Vasilisa, destined to become a witch, decides to throw her fate away and marry her beloved – but that dream is shattered when her betrothed dies under mysterious circumstances.

Aching for her lost love, Vasilisa seeks out Black Book – a demonic artifact, said to be powerful enough to grant any wish to the one who uncovers all 7 of its seals.

Step into the shoes of a devil-fighting sorceress, and travel the province of Cherdyn to unseal the Black Book – and solve the plights of people in need.

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