Blasters of the Universe Invites You to PlayStation VR Bullet Hell

Blasters of the Universe

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your virtual ass kicked, Secret Location and Archiact have you covered. Blasters of the Universe is headed to PlayStation VR come February 27th and devs are already apologizing (not really) for the hell you’ll go through in your virtual world.

The bullet hell arcade shooter has met with critical success on both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with players championing its gameplay and graphics. Now it’s the turn of PlayStation VR folks to give it a whirl.

Devs say, “Sorry not sorry…” Jus’ sayin’.

You can learn more on the BotU PlayStation Store page.

Blasters of the Universe

Here’s the official PR:

Praised by critics and players alike on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Secret Location’s arcade shooter the game pulls PS VR gamers into a searing technicolour VR battle against nerd-turned-evil-genius Grand Master Alwyn. His endless waves of spiraling projectiles and hordes of minions encapsulate the player in an onslaught of danger that’s core to the notorious bullet hell genre. But even those who master the game’s physical challenges will struggle to maintain their composure against Grand Master Alwyn’s embarrassing attempts at hurling terribly outdated insults towards the player.

“We made the game with Archiact to inject the pure intensity of classic bullet hell games with modern VR’s innate ability to immerse and impress gamers. This game also really takes advantage of VR’s accessibility, making the infamous bullet hell genre a cinch to pick-up-and-play while still honoring its challenging roots,” said Josh Manricks, Technical Director and Project Lead at Secret Location. “I just have one piece of advice for those new to our game: careful not to eye-roll yourself to death – Grand Master Alwyn is seriously ridiculous!”

The game requires two PlayStation Move controllers, one for shield-wielding and one for brandishing a weapon with over 130,000 ways to customize it to match the player’s style. Those preferring an easier experience can tone down the action with the all-new Casual mode that brings down the difficulty of enemies’ attacks. On the flip side, those seeking a true test of endurance and adrenaline can engage with the Endless mode that’s tailormade for high score junkies.

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