Blood, Sweat and Spears Pack Comes to Thrones of Britannia

Creative Assembly sent out a word that grand strategy Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia has received the Blood, Sweat and Spears Pack. If the game did not have entirely enough gore for you, the pack corks it up to a maximum for just $3. Paint the battlefield red by chopping off limbs, spilling guts and taking heads, revel in the greater ruthlessness of combat between armies on the Campaign Map.

Blood, Sweat and Spears Pack includes:

  • Ultra-violent battle fatalities
  • Gory combat animations on the campaign map
  • Gore spraying across the battlefield and spilling on the floor
  • Guts spilling out of stomach wounds
  • Blood splattered unit cards as the units take damage in battle
  • Blood-soaked event clips

All effects with this pack can be enabled or disabled in the Graphics Options menu.

This DLC is similar in scope to the Blood & Burning pack for Total War: ATTILA, sharing some of its effects. It will be available for free to players that already own that content for ATTILA.

Also live now via auto-update is the Allegiance Update for Thrones of Britannia. This major overhaul updates and rebalances many areas of the game based on player feedback. Introducing greater depth and granularity to politics, improved battle AI and a new system for issuing decrees, the update also heralds the new Allegiance mechanic – a system which simulates the trials facing a faction that expands to capture new territory.

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