Bow Before The New V4 Archer Class

V4, the cross platform MMO from Nexon, just announced the Archer class is coming to the fight on 18 November.

V4, Nexon’s shiny cross-platform online adventure is about to get its biggest content update since the initial launch in summer 2020. This new cache of content also includes some seriously big news for payers of the fantasy adventure. The much anticipated Archer class will make its debut on 18 November. With just one week to go before the Archer hits, V4 players have plenty to prepare for.

Specializing in ranged attacks, the Archer class is, of course, centred around the bow and arrow. Designed with short activation times, an Archer’s attacks can deluge enemies in a torrent of devastating blows. This is the fastest class of all the Syllunas and uses her bow and quiver to send six skills at her enemies. While there’s plenty more information for you to delve into, the best way to get an idea how this new class handles is to check out the new Archer class trailer, above.

Bonus Events

To celebrate the launch of the Archer Class, Nexon has announced a range of bonus events for all players in this MMORPG

  • Check-In Event: Available from November 18th, players can participate in a 14-day check-in event to earn support gear for the new Archer class with Brellan gear set, Rare Mount, Pet and Companion.
  • Mega Prime Time Event: The Mega Prime Time Event, available from November 18th, allows players to support their character development with rewards increasing to max 500% EXP constant Prime Time.
  • Archer Update Celebration Event: Available from November 18th, this event gives players 300% EXP potion, Epic companion Shuryl and Demon stone when users reach a certain level.

Anybody invested in, and sticking with, their current characters can also get some new content. Players will also have access to a new area, Anguished Forest, and the brand new Phantom Abyss Dungeon when the Archer class comes to clean house in V4 on 18 November. You can check out more about this new adventurer over on the V4 website now.

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