BTS World Invades Mobiles Tomorrow

BTS World is coming to mobiles tomorrow and if you haven’t heard of the Korean super group then you’re about to face an entire army of mobile warriors.

Invading iOS and Android phones sometime tomorrow, BTS World is a tie-up between mobile behemoth Netmarble and the same Korean boy band that happens to be conquering the world. The seven-piece who first formed in 2013 is at the forefront of the Kpop wave and have managed to notch up hits worldwide. With three US Billboard number one albums and no sense that they are giving in soon, BTS is a force to be reckoned with.

You Are In Charge

Now the band’s devoted followers, the BTS Army, are about to see a whole new side of the BTS boys. The new mobile game promises to provide fans with a personal experience and is expected to be something of a management sim and visual novel. Acting as a talent manager, agents of the aforementioned army will make decisions about the band’s fate as they start out on the road to stardom. These crucial management decisions will include styling the band and even giving advice to the team of popstars. This includes the option to interact with BTS via video calls and text messages.

Should your talents go to waste, there are a number of outcomes for the band, including an alternative story mode where the members pursue other interests. Making it all the way to the top will unlock over 10,000 new photos of the group and over 100 brand new video clips to playback.

While BTS world might sound like it is rather light on the game, this launch is due to hit 176 countries tomorrow and will coincide with a brand new album launch. If you’ve got a member of the BTS Army in your midst be prepared, you’re about to be conscripted. You can find out more about BTS World at the game’s official website, the iOS App Store, or Play Store.

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