Build An Empire In Sengoku Dynasty

Fans of survival sandbox empire adventure Medieval Dynasty can expand their empire with the announcement of Sengoku Dynasty.

Toplitz Productions, the team behind 2020’s Medieval Dynasty has jsut announced an extra title in the Dynasty series, dragging the series from dark times across western continents into feudal Japan. Sengoku Dynasty is a new twist on Toplitz’s previous DYnasty title and a new adventure set a Japan ravaged by war. Just like Medieval Dynasty, plyers will need to survive long enough to choose a path and build a legacy to stand through the ages.

There are plenty of ways to make your name this land. Designed with the promise of a rich and accurate glimpse into medieval Japan, Sengoku Dynasty offers the opportunity to choose the path of a charismatic leader, skillful craftsman, a famed warrior, or spiritual master across a range of highly detailed biomes. As things unfold and the season creeps across the land, economic pioneers will be able to trade, forge romances, start a family, build a community, and manage their villagers to further forward their own goals.

While we’ve seen plenty of this first-person empire-building in Medieval Dynasty, Toplitz and developer Superkami Games aren’t entirely rehashing the previous entry, bee keeping and all. This time, players will be able to call on help, with up to 4 player co-op available. This won’t be all we can expect either. Sengoku Dynasty is due to arrive in Steam Early Access during 2022, just as Toplitz’s other announcement for strategy Wild West Dynasty.  You can find out more on the official Toplitz website or by taking a glimpse at the announcement trailer above.

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