Call of Duty Mobile Becoming Extremely Popular in China

Call of Duty is one of the most popular online video games on the globe, capturing the attention of video game players since it first came out in 2003. As the internet has grown, its popularity has grown exponentially, and that includes nearly every country on the planet.

Call of Duty (CoD) is a game that is a lot of fun to play, and the designers have done a great job of creating scenarios and action that makes it fun no matter where you are from. That includes China, where CoD is rapidly becoming the most popular online game in the country.

Betting on the Winners

Call of Duty has grown in popularity for many reasons, but two factors have stood out more than others. The first of these is the rise of eSports. Major tournaments, leagues, and events have arisen that are now being aired globally and have drawn major sponsors. The world’s top players are earning millions of dollars thanks to the sponsors involved.

In addition, gambling is becoming a big part of these events as well. Millions of users are placing events on individual contests as well as leagues and who will win championships. This has led sportsbooks and gambling sites to start accepting wagers on these events, and lines, spreads, odds, and totals are part of these events. It is truly remarkable.

Of course, not every site is as good as the others. You can find out the best opinions here for Call of Duty betting sites so you know where the best site to go and place a wager on these events is.

We Can’t Wait!

One of the things that have helped to make CoD so popular has been the upgrades. As designers add new scenarios, levels, and characters, fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what new features will be included.

Call of Duty has done a great job, not only of making the adventures more enjoyable but making characters and scenarios appealing to any player. The game has become an all-inclusive event, and this has helped to drive players to the game, especially in countries like China.

Growing with the Times

What has made CoD so popular is that developers have adjusted and adapted to make it a popular choice with players. The first three years of the game it was focused exclusively on World War II, but that has changed.

Starting in CoD 4, the game moved to modern times, and it includes scenes and depictions that make it easy for players to connect with their own area or to be in regions of the world that they find fascinating or enjoyable. This was a brilliant switch that has helped to catapult CoD to the top of the charts.

Plus, these modern scenarios have made tournaments and leagues even more interesting. This has created a sort of “home field advantage” for some players, as they perform well in certain regions of the world, and this has helped to lead them to a title in a particular event. It is much like a tennis player dominates on a grass or clay surface – certain players do very well in specific regions of the world.

Call of Duty Mobile 1

The Mobile App Is a Hit

This has been great in China as well, but what has helped to make the game so popular, there has been the development of the mobile app. China is one of the more technologically educated countries. This has meant that the vast majority of people use their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. – far more than they use their computers. In fact, apart from work tasks, it is far more likely that people within the country would be using their smartphone or another handheld device to conduct day-to-day business than they would use their computer.

This has made it essential for game and other app developers to have an application available for users and that it be of the highest quality. This is exactly what CoD designers did, and they are reaping the benefits as a result.

The CoD app is a beautifully designed program, and it works very well on handheld devices, offering the same great experience as one would have using a desktop or laptop computer. This has adults and children in China downloading the game in record numbers, helping to spur its popularity.

The Only Way to Play

While there are a lot of reasons why the Call of Duty mobile app is becoming so popular in China, the reality is that necessity is often the biggest factor driving success. In March, it was announced that people in China would only be able to play the game using the mobile app. This meant that those who have been using their PC to play knew that by August they would no longer be able to use their desktop or Laptop to enjoy playing CoD.

This is driving up the numbers of those downloading the app. Millions in China were already playing CoD on their mobile device because they preferred to do so, but now it will become the only way that they can play. With this new policy soon to take place, millions more are turning to the mobile app, knowing that this will be their only method of playing.

The company has been good about helping players move to the mobile app. In the official announcement from Tencent, it was explained that there would be a compensation event that would take place for those transitioning to the mobile app. This is making the transition even smoother, a major goal of the company.

Activision had decided that they would not renew the Call of Duty licensing, believing that it made more sense to focus solely on the mobile app. It is believed that since a significant percentage of players in China were already using the mobile option, that this was the time to make the move.

It is easy to see why this game has become so popular in China. It is fun and exciting to play, and users of all levels can enjoy the scenarios and experiences. However, the decision to move exclusively to the mobile app in the country is going to drive people to use it.

Call of Duty is a game that is loved in China. The great mobile app is making its popularity bigger than ever.

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