Check Out the New Wheels Arriving in GTA Online This Week

GTA Online

There’s a new set of wheels coming to GTA Online this week. Players will be able to get their mitts on the brand new Maibatsu Manchez Scout from Warstock Cache and Carry. “Rugged, powerful, and fast enough to peel your eyelids back, the Maibatsu Manchez Scout was built to maneuver the muddiest trails on Earth but it’s also a damn fine answer to a question as old as time: “How’re you gonna jump that?” Whether you’re using it as the Maibatsu Corporation designed or to tempt gravity and fate, you can purchase this motorcycle from Warstock now.”

If that’s not enough to entice you to head into the game, perhaps some of this week’s other GTAO perks will. Here’s what you can look forward to throughout the rest of the week:

  • Double GTA$ and RP for all Survivals
  • Treasure Chests in Cayo Perico all week. Collect both and earn GTA$100,000 to be delivered next week
  • Log in before January 20th and receive the Pegassi Toreador Shark Livery for free
  • Try a spin on The Lucky Wheel for a chance at the Pegassi Toreador or any one of dozens of other prizes
  • Discounts on Submarine upgrades and vehicles
  • Prime Gaming goodies including the Kosatka submarine’s Sona Station and GTA$200,000 and a number of in-game discounts

Check out the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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