Check Out the Robust 2024 Roadmap for EverQuest and EverQuest 2 – The Year of Darkpaw

Daybreak Lays Out a Robust 2024 Roadmap for EverQuest and EverQuest II

Darkpaw has unveiled a year’s worth of new content coming this year to celebrate milestone birthdays for EverQuest and EverQuest 2. The venerated MMORPGs are each celebrating epic anniversaries: 25 years for EverQuest and 20 years for EverQuest 2. As a result, players have boatloads of new content to look forward to in the Year of Darkpaw coming over the next 12 months. The details for each game’s celebratory events were laid out in a pair of producer’s letters.


EQ’s official anniversary events will take place in March 2024. However, each month up to and after that is packed with so much content that players will doubtless have problems keeping up! A few of the things players can look forward to in the months ahead include the addition of new in-game content such as new raids, annual events, new merchant items, monthly giveaways, and more.

In March, players will find 25th-anniversary events (and more) to take part in:

    • New anniversary content
  • The Year of Darkpaw
    • Monthly collection, giveaway, limited edition items
    • Anniversary Tower
      • March quest, Heroic Adventure, and merchant items added
    • Adding February giveaway item for purchase
    • Ask Me Anything responses posted
  • Laurion’s Song Tier 3 Raids unlocked
  • EQ Swag Store Launch
  • Brew Day event returns
  • Bristlebane Day event returns
  • Stomples Day event returns

And it just goes on throughout the balance of the year. Check out each month’s activities by heading to the EverQuest official site to read the producer’s letter.

EverQuest 2

Meanwhile, EQ2 will be celebrating its milestone birthday in November 2024. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be plenty to look forward to in all the months prior. Throughout 2024, EQ2 players will be treated to the game’s upcoming expansion, monthly giveaways, new missions, achievements, and other in-game content, and much, much more.

Once November rolls around, players will be able to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary with lots of in-game content, including the launch of its 21st expansion!

  • Heroes’ Festival event returns
  • The Year of Darkpaw
    • Monthly collections, giveaway, limited edition items
    • Adding October giveaway item for purchase
    • Missions, achievements, and currency merchant updated
  • Extra Life Game Day
  • EverQuest II’s 21st expansion launches

As with EQ, the list just keeps going. Check out the full details on the EverQuest 2 official site.

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