Check Out Yennefer the Kunoichi Figure

CD Projekt Red Gear presented a new Witcher-themed figurine, this time featuring Geralt’s companion Yennefer. the new statue Yennefer the Kunoichi Figure is now up for pre-orders on the official site.

Whether a magic-wielding sorceress or stealthy warrior of the night, Yennefer is always prepared for a battle… Guided by her two-tailed nekomata familiar, Yennefer finds herself adrift atop a ruined temple roof, submerged in the waters of a long-abandoned battlefield marked by a Wolf School nobori banner. With a ninjatō blade on her back, anchored to her lilac-toned shinobi-shōzoku, and tekkō-kagi hand claws at the ready, she plans her next move — keeping her target always in sight…

Few can master the shadow arts of ninjutsu; to even come close, one must hold near-unattainable levels of fortitude, skill, and inner strength. Here, with this 17-inch hand-painted figure, we envision Yennefer as a powerful kunoichi from ancient Japan — finely tuned to the demands of a life shrouded in such deadly darkness.

You might also want to check out Ciri and Geralt done in a similar style!

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