Closers’ Seth Introduces Claws Quarters Combat

Closers fans are about to get a brand new character for this action MMORPG. En Masse Entertainment has just unveiled Seth, joining the Union’s Wildhüter team on 10 September.

For those of you that haven’t played Closers yet, this anime-styled action MMO follows the events of an otherworldy invasion onto Earth. As befits any typical anime trope, the only people with the power to beat back the swarms of alien invaders that pour out of these portals are a select band of young individuals with extraordinary powers. What follows is a mix of hub-based zones and side-scrolling 2.5D instances that follow the Closers’ quest for humanity. Released as a free to play title back in at the start of 2018, I found that Closers was a fun episodic attraction that doesn’t require a massive time investment to play through.

Ready Seth GO!

Seth is just the latest character to enter the world of Closers. Joining a cast of outlandish characters, Seth is a melee fighter and specializes in getting up close and personal with opponents. Her huge claws and agile attacks make her far more fearsome than she might initially appear. This diminutive looking Closer started out as a placid young girl called Anna. Imbued with the powers of Sekhmet, Anna transforms into Seth.

We don’t have a break down on Seth’s full roster of abilities quite yet although Publisher En Masse Entertainment has promised more information soon. What we do know is that players looking to draft Seth into their Closers team can start her pre-campaign on 27 August. Players who sign in during this time can pre-create their own Seth and reserve her name for launch day. You can check out the Seth reveal trailer above and find out more about Closers over on the game’s official website right now.

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