Conan Exiles Gets Fast and Furious With Mounts

Conan Exiles is about to bring a whole new way to survive the wilderness with the introduction of Mounts and Mounted Combat.

Starting today Conan Exiles is about to get a whole lot faster as mounts arrive in this brutal sandbox survival title, now available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Catch one of these formidable equine companions and you’ll be able to do more than just get around with less exertion.

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Conquerors and warriors of Crom will be able to charge down their enemies as mounted combat also arrives. Sling a saddle on and you’ll be able to swing a sword, lance an opponent, or even fire arrows on horseback. There’s no getting away from it, traveling around just got a whole lot more exciting ion Conan Exiles. Mounts are more than just a weapons platform in Conan Exiles. A whole new companion system will follow the equine entry into the world. The companion system provides a range of perks and buffs for player’s thralls, pets, and horses all wrapped up among an experience system that is likely to give the system plenty of legs.

Mounts and mounted combat comes to Conan Exiles at the same time as the new Riders of Hyboria DLC. This downloadable extra is available as part of the season 2 pass or on its own for $9.99. Available on all platforms now it contains all of the following shiny drops:

♦ 2 exclusive mount skins, one befitting the knight in shiny armor, the other perfect for a dark and gruesome warlord.
♦ 6 exclusive mount saddles, each suited for different playstyles, such as scout and cavalry.
♦ 25 new mounts-related building pieces, specifically designed so you can create your own stables.
♦ 3 new armor sets, including the fabled Poitain Cavalier armor.
♦ 11 new weapons, including lance, greatsword, katana, and warhammer, all originating from the proud nation of Poitain.
♦  14 new decorative items, specifically designed to spruce up your stables.

Funcom has confirmed that none of the new weapons that are DLC exclusive should give any power advantage to players and will continue to see the Hyborian Age awash with the blood of your enemies even if you don’t grab the DLC. To see what is in store for you in the new Riders of Hyboria DLC get on your horse and check out the Conan Exiles website now or take a peek at the new trailer above.

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