Temtem Hits Early Access on 12 January

Temtem is evolving. the Pokemon style MMO is coming to PC Early Access on 21 January.

If you’ve felt generally unfulfilled by the companion systems of big budget MMORPG and craving a pet battler that you can play on PC then Temtem is set to fill that void. On 21 January all of the pets will escape across a variety of Early Access store fronts. Collectors everywhere will be able to jump into a cute animated world brimming with pets to collect, train, and battle. 76 different species of companion will be available to catch in the earliest stages of the game and will allow players to explore a 20 hour campaign mode. Of course, you can take your time and spend longer in the available islands, but this is the first stage of public testing.

Fight em All

Clearly inspired by the Pokemon franchise, this title takes the concept of pet battles and blows it up into a fully formed multiplayer experience. Kickstarted way back in November 2018 to the tune of over half a million dollars, Temtem is now being published by Humble Bundle and promised player the following list of features on their twitter feed.


We also know, from a Humble tweet, that the test in January will include the game’s breeding system. It will also include PvP battles and fills out a total of three Islands. That’s plenty of land to explore over the early hours of the campaign. While the Early Access tests are on PC, there are plans to bring Temtem to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in time. For now, you can get a glimpse of this gorgeous looking pet brawler and get ready to dive into this shared world over on the Humble and Steam websites. Let us know if you’re ready to catch em all. I know we are.



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