Conqueror’s Blade Celebrate One Year Of Warfare

Conqueror’s Blade is celebrating one year of warfare with a special Year One Event, starting today.

One Year ago, Conqueror’s Blade took the fight to gamers as My.Games and Booming Games kicked off its brand new MMORPG. Now the team behind this PC adventure ready to see in the second year of action with a special Year One anniversary event. Marching off into battle from right now until June 25 will face down an army of loot, including Hero Attire, perks, XP gains, and other goodies as thanks for contributing to a massive first year for Conqueror’s Blade.

The Full Itinerary


Players can enjoy 30% extra Bronze, Honour, Hero and Unit XP from matchmaking battles, no Unit Kit repairs, and a higher weekly Honour limit for the duration of the event! These added gains are sure to make war sieges extra profitable as players prepare for new adventures in the coming year.


Players will get up to 15 days of free gifts for every day they log in to Conqueror’s Blade during the event! By logging-in on at least 15 of the days during the event, players can ensure that they claim all the available rewards including the coveted Paladin’s Hero Attire and an exclusive player title that await at the end of the event.


For creative warlords, MY.GAMES is also hosting a special Loading Screen Contest. Players that submit their artwork before June 25 will be entered for a chance to see it featured in the game!


Players can unlock the mythical Minotaur Hero Attire in limited-time bundles, enjoy a free Anniversary Banner and fireworks from MY.GAMES Market, save 25% on consumables and 10% on cosmetics, and shake up their warlord’s appearance with Hair Dye! A full selection of offers can be seen in the Year One Sales article.


For anybody who missed the first tour, Conqueror’s Blade is a historical MMORPG centred on massive PvP and PvE encounters. There’s something of an epic scale to this action where warlords take charge of legions of troops and send them into battle. While it features the traditional RPG elements of any modern MMO, Conqueror’s Blade excels in combat with massive castle sieges and huge territory wars. If you haven’t checked out this MMORPG then take a glimpse at some of our previous coverage over year one of Conqueror’s Blade or jump in now to check out what’s coming in year 2 of warfare.


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